Visit This Archaeological Site in Greece

The archaeological site of M. Nissstras was the 9th nissstras site included in the prestigious list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Greece. Although it is located on a remote part and a detour is required to reach it, M. M. A. F. In our itinerary. He could not let go of the opportunity to see the stunning remains of the Byzantine period.

How to visit the archaeological site of M. Mikhailstras

The visit of M. Nissstras needs some planning; especially because the leaved Byzantine city is scattered on Mount Tagetos. So do you realize that you have a whole mountain to explore?!

There are 2 doors to this side. Tickets are given at the lower gate. Those who drive can go to the highest gate; from here you can visit the Upper town. Then get off at the lo Nisser gate and visit the lower town of M Nissstras.

For those who like hiking, it’s a breeze to walk through the maze of alleys, worn stair ramps here and there and small arcades.

We are sorry to disappoint, but this is not a friendly ground for people with mobility problems and breathing problems.

What can be seen in the archaeological site of M?

It would have been incredible and difficult to decide where to start and how to visit M’s various websites. The map largely helps to decide what to see at the archaeological site of M.

The worn paths were clear indications of the route to be taken. And we went from one point of interest to another, 17 of them! If you are curious and adventurous enough, you will find a few other places that are not mentioned too much.

A minimum of 4 hours here can do some justice to this archaeological treasure. You can safely go through history here, if you can afford to save more time for the stunning ruins of M.

However, if you really have little time, select the highlights on the map and plan your route to explore the ruins and see what you can see at the archaeological site of M. Nissstras. I pointed out on the must-see websites of M below.

Must see sites in M.

Ruins of the splendor of the once rich city, M. A.! In each of the ruins you will find a harmonious mi. The more I saw, the more I was convinced that this is not a stopover on the way, but a treasure house from the rich medieval past of the 13th-15th centuries.

Palace of Despots-this palace was the second most important palace of the Byzantine Empire after Constantinople. It was the home of the despot of M. Nissstra and is located at the highest point of the terrain.

Archaeological Museum-the museum of M. M. A. I. Stras houses mainly ecclesiastical objects from the Byzantine period. It is located near the Cathedral of Agios Demetrios.

Monastery of Panagia Perivleptos-the Monastery of Our Lady Perivleptos has beautiful murals at the end of the 14th century. The catholicon (main church of the monastery of Portugal) has cross-square style. It is built in rocks and is not far from the main tourist attractions. You have to look for him.

Keada’s speleologist-this is a disturbing reminder of the past! It is believed that the ancient Spartans threw their unsuspecting children, delinquent, traitors and delinquent of war.

Old churches in M. Meccorstras Greece

Cathedral of Agios Demetrios-this is one of the main churches of M. Agiosstras. It was built in 1292 AD. Note the mixed architectural style of this cathedral: it has a 3-aisle basilica with a narthex and a bell tower on the ground floor.

The upper floor is a cross-in-square church, built in the first half of the 15th century. The interior is incredibly decorated with murals of various styles. The last Byzantine emperor, Constantinos Paleologos, was crowned here in 1449.

Church of Agia Sophia-this is definitely not to be missed. The Byzantine church of Agia Sophia dates back to the mid-14th century. Beautiful murals and it is made of stone, probably one of the reasons why it withstood the torment of the time.

Church of Agioi Theodoroi-this was built in the 13th century. The dome 8 prop is more impressive and it is worth capturing it in a picture from afar.

Church of Panagia Odigetria-the Church of Our Lady Odigetria, which means “head of the road”, was built in 1310. It has a very colorful interior with paintings depicting scenes from the Bible. Some of the stories they depict are: the healing of the blind man, marriage in Cana. The tomb of Emmanuel Paleologos is located in this chapel.

Church Panagia Pantanassa-the monastery Panagia Pantanassa has an imposing Catholicon and a high bell tower. Today it is inhabited by nuns. Architecture is a combination of Byzantine and Gothic styles. Its valuable frescoes date back to the twelfth century.

History of the archaeological site of M. Nissstras

M. nissstras was the capital of the Byzantine despotate of Morea in Greece. In 1249, the Franks built a castle on this hill of Mount Tagetos in order to control the Laconian valley directly below it. Soon a settlement flourished around him.

in 1262, the Franks ceded it to the Byzantines. The prosperity of the region continued. During this time, several churches, Despot’s Palace and over 2000 houses were built.

After the reign of the Byzantine dynasty until 1453, the place was taken by the Turks.

In 1687 the city was conquered by the Venetians under Morosini. Yes, the same person who blew up the Parthenon, Athens!

How do I get to M?
If you are staying in Sparta (Sparti), you can take a trip to M. It is 5 km by road. By driving, you save energy when hiking in the M-Road.

M. nissenstras is 218 km southwest of Athens. It takes 3 hours on the road.

Travel Tips for Tour M Httstras

  • Staying in Sparta can give an early start before pouring the crowd after 3 hours drive from Athens.
  • Best time to avoid July to September, when it is hot in the laconic plains. If you are visiting during this high season try to reach when it opens at 8 am.
  • Take water as there is a good amount of walking and climbing within the site.
  • Many guesthouses, restaurants in the plains around. We stayed at a hotel in Sparta.

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