Tips for Beginner to Enjoy in Cordelia Cruise

Cruise lines promote the vision of a relaxing vacation. It’s usually a picture of lounging by the pool, cozy dinners or feet knocking on musical hits all day. Reality is actually a mixture. Here are some tips for enjoying a beginner cruise.

Now that cruise tourism is about to progress on a large scale along the Indian Coast, with more ports than city destinations needing to be buckled on various cruise routes of India, this post will help you prepare for a great cruise experience.

The best place in the cruise ship for seasickness

Will I get seasick during a cruise was my excruciating anguish before boarding the Empress cruise ship, Cordelia. When the ship sailed, I felt the initial vibration under my feet, but nothing after that. Then, on the first morning, when I was on the 11th deck, the weather was agitated and you could barely keep your hands free, but my stomach didn’t turn. I knew my body and mind passed the Test. I felt at home on the cruise ship.

However, during my trip, I saw two of my friends affected by seasickness. Symptoms include dizziness, nausea, and loss of appetite. But they quickly recovered with some pills that they had in store in anticipation of such a situation. So keep pill packs and pressure bands on hand. The good news is that it doesn’t take long to get sea legs, which means your sense of balance is returning. With rest, you will get used to the Rolling of the vessel.

For beginners who have no idea how their body would react, don’t worry or hesitate to cruise. There is a medical facility on deck 2 that is open 24 hours for emergencies. Ginger, various flavors such as Basil, chamomile, anise, peppermint and dry crackers are said to help.

If you already know that you are prone to seasickness, take rooms on low or medium passenger decks, closer to sea level. The fluctuation of vessels in this part is slightly less. If no rooms are available on the lower level, avoid cabins near the front or rear (bow or stern) of the ship on the Upper Deck levels.

Prices for cruises in India

An evergreen tip for good value for money is to book on time from the date of travel. But often vacation plans appear suddenly. As a new cruiser, you may want to book according to your Budget. There are several cruise packages that offer flexibility in booking and pricing. Some packages are associated with flights from the city of your trip.

There is a wide choice of rooms in Cordelia Cruise. Bringing extended family is a nice way to the new adventure. Tickets for each additional member after the first two cost less.

Interior cabins without windows cost less. One of the passengers stated that they had @ 16,490 INR for two nights on the high seas.

For the room, the sea view room and the balcony where I stayed for three nights and four days, the cruise route Vizag-Puducherrie-Chennai cost INR 53,490.

Read the Cordelia Cruise bulletins

In the four days spent aboard the Cordelia Cruise, a bulletin was delivered every evening. Now I have them as souvenirs. Bulletins are important as they mention the different activities on the different decks of the ship. Only the schedules of restaurants and bars remain the same on all days. All other activities in the different places and bridges have different times and entry permits for guests in the different bridges. This is to avoid haste in the theater with a capacity of 900.

What to wear on cruise ships

This can be tricky when packing for cruises. There is no dress code on the Cordelia cruise ship. You can choose to dress up in your most beautiful formal outfits or wear your casual outfits all day long. But, of course, do not walk in your bikinis in dining areas or activity zones.

Activities for children on board

For families with children there is a lot to do until 9 am. The pool can be annoyingly crowded all the time, but then there are plenty of other activities to keep the little ones busy. Plan them in advance so that unlucky whining children do not spoil your vacation.

Some of the activities include: rock climbing, Table Tennis, Cordelia children’s Academy, magic show, talking Robot science show, Library, quiz contests and workshops.

Safety issues on cruise ships

It is natural to have security issues. If you are stressed about safety on board, rest assured that passengers will need to participate in a safety drill at the beginning of each cruise so you know what to do in the event of a rare emergency. Write down the sample station number indicated on your room key so that you get there safely in the event of a rarer emergency. Never take elevators in an emergency.

Join the crew

The service was exceptionally good, thanks to their hardworking crew. It’s not just me saying it. I chatted with a couple of other guests, one of them who had experienced international cruises found the services to be top notch. Each crew member went far beyond that-from Check-in staff to staff cleaning rooms to waiters serving food. If at any time you feel clueless about something, contact the employees, they will help you.

The reception staff at Level 5 is also very helpful

Spending dollars on board

If you swipe your room card at every cafe, Caf Internet, salon and many other similar places, you will have to pay a hefty bill when you leave. Food and some shows are free, but many other facilities are paid.

I took advantage of the spa services, the actual costs seemed innocent, but the bill came out with an additional 30% GST tax cost.

Gadgets on board

You can have on board all kinds of gadgets, tripods and cameras. Universal chargers are needed on board.

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