Things Can Do in Amber Fort, Jaipur

Amer Fort is another incredibly beautiful fort of Jaipur, made of marble and red sandstone. Amer Fort and Amber Fort are the same Fort in Jaipur Rajasthan. The fort is located in the city of Amer, in the city of Jaipur, hence the name Amer Fort.

Amber Fort or Amer Fort

Amber Fort was named in honor of the Goddess Amba Gai. It took two centuries of dedicated efforts by Three Kings, Mirza Singh and Mirza Singh to complete this gigantic fortress.

The fort is a fusion of Hindu and Muslim architectural styles. This amber-colored Fort housed 28 Kings of the Kakhvaha dynasty, if the walls could speak, I’m sure they would have many stories to tell.

Restaurants near Amer Fort

Amer Fort is huge; unfortunately, if you plan to visit it in a few hours, you’ll miss out on some interesting parts of the Fort. A little homework, such as reading this blog and some others, will help you to visit the Amber Fort well.

Be sure to also inquire at the ticket office. A map will also help. If you are armed with all this information, I assure you that your tour of the fort will be long and useful.

Row of courtyards at Amber Fort

There are 4 courtyards in the Fort. The first has 2 gates, Chandrapol for citizens and Suraipol for members of the royal family. Lucky or bad luck for me, this Court had all the elephants dressed in royal robes participating in a movie. The famous Shila Devi Mandir is in this level. Here the Kings offered their prayers. Look at the barred windows, it was the Suhag Mandir where the Queens sat watching what was happening in the courtyard.

The second courtyard has the red sandstone sofa-and-Aam with 27 Collonads and a gallery above. The elaborately designed Ganesh Pol is located in this courtyard.

Crossing Ganesh Pol you reach the 3rd Court. Inside the Palace, right in front of the Sheesh Mahal, is the Chahar Bagh. It has an unusual design of white marble, which forms hexagrams and other intricate patterns. We walked through the beautiful walkways that surrounded this typical Mughal Garden, the Giai Mandir (Victory Hall) on one side and the Zenana Mahal (Queen’s Palace) on the other.

The image below shows how water was used to cool the rooms at that time. They created an artificially cool climate from the winds blowing on the cascade of water in the Palace. Water saving was also in trend at that time. The drains, now covered with glass plates, carried water into the garden.

Climbing the fortress, you can see the Kesar Kari (saffron species). It seems to float like a huge Persian carpet on a large stone terrace rising from the center of Lake Maotha.

Hotels near Sheesh Mahal, Amber Palace

Without a doubt, Sheesh Mahal of the Palace of Mirrors is the most beautiful part of the Amber Palace. Man Singh built this Sheesh Mahal in the 16th century. However, it took a long time to complete due to the fine work involved in the production and was completed in 1727.

The Queens then had the charm of sleeping under the stars. Since they were not allowed to sleep in the open, the Kings ordered the architects to do something similar. The architects came up with a brilliant idea to build the space of the palace with stones and mirrors. At night, with only 2 candles, the whole hall is illuminated! It must certainly be magical!

At Sheesh Mahal, we were stunned by the tiny mirrored works in the walls. We were told that the whole room can be lit with a single match or candle. In this place there was a maximum amount of tourists. In some places it was renovated, workers were deeply involved in their work, completely without regard for regular visitors.

Amber Fort Elephant Ride

One of the most arguable parts of Amer Fort’s visit to Giaipur is the elephant ride. As you approach the foot of Amber Fort, you’ll see elephants waiting to take you up the hill.

Although this elephant ride is one of the most popular activities in Giaipur, I will leave it to you if you want to take it. One thing you will experience is this regal feeling; as the Kings of Jaipur once walked on elephant ridges through this path to their palace.

However, on the day we were, we witnessed the filming of a Brazilian television series. The crew used all the decorated elephants there to photograph a Festival scene. Tourists and children did not get a ride that day. There is ample parking and we climbed up the hill to the Fort.

Elephant Ride Tickets

The elephant ride to Amber Fort costs INR 1000 for 2 people, and the journey time is 20-30 minutes. The government has now imposed many restrictions, so only 80 elephants can hike and each elephant can only hike a few per day. So, if you’re planning to go around the elephant at Amber Fort, arrive early!

Amber Fort a location for filming movies

The famous Hindi film Iodha Akabar Movie (2008) was shot here. But long before this Film of Mughal-e-Azam (1960) was shot here. Since then, this has been one of the most popular locations for filming films.

But the most unpleasant thing is that this 16th century fortress is not listed in national heritage sites, nor is it protected by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). Officials of this fortress, struck by the stars, repeatedly release the monument to shootings of all kinds, and the building gradually crumbles. Read that the damage inflicted on the fort was caused by Salman Khan’s film unit ‘Veer’.

However, since 2013, Amer Fort has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site and is part of the hill fortresses of Raiasthan. Many new projects have been implemented. Often in the premises even film shooting takes place. If you are planning your visit, you can attend one of the film sets there.

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