Visit Jantar Mantar Observatory Jaipur

The Mantar Observatory in Giaipur has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2010. This observatory has a collection of 19 astronomical instruments, all built in 1734 by King Raiput. Meaning of Mantar-the name comes from Giantra (instrument) and Mantra (formula or, in this context, calculation). Therefore, Mantar means calculation tool. Dinner restaurants […]

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Things Can Do in Amber Fort, Jaipur

Amer Fort is another incredibly beautiful fort of Jaipur, made of marble and red sandstone. Amer Fort and Amber Fort are the same Fort in Jaipur Rajasthan. The fort is located in the city of Amer, in the city of Jaipur, hence the name Amer Fort. Amber Fort or Amer Fort Amber Fort was named […]

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