Pitiful Dispute Stories of Chittorgarh Fort

We lost track of time and extended the expected time from two hours to three to five hours! And yet we could only make the main tourist attractions of Chittorgarh Fort. It is difficult to visit all the interesting points inside the fortress, since the fortress stretches over 690 hectares. Every place had a story; and the tragic debate stories of the Chittorgarh Forts left us speechless. Some parts of the fortress of Chittorgarh, we were told, are haunted, but nothing to fear in broad daylight.

Sad Debate stories of the Chittorgarh Fort

After the first disaster of 1303, the fort of Chittorgarh regained its fame for a short time under Rana Kumbha when he built the Kumbalgarh Fort between 1433 and 1468 AD.

First strike of Allauddin Khal Igni on the Chittor Fort

The first siege of the Chittor Fort took place in 1303 AD by an Islamic barbarian invader, Allauddin Khal Izi.

Khal fivi was angry with Rana Ratan Singh, the then king of Chittorgarh for not letting his armies march through Me Fivar to reach the gu Fivarat. Another reason was that she had heard so much about the beauty of Rani Padmini, Rana Queen Ratan Singh, that she wanted to own it.

Unable to capture the mighty fort of Chittor, he sent a message to the king that he would return to Delhi after catching a glimpse of Rani Padmini’s pretty face. Embarrassed and eager for peace, the king quarreled with his beautiful intelligent wife Rani Padmini.

How was Khal Migi shown the face of Padmini?

Women observed purdah at that time. She tactfully agreed, not refusing, but allowing Khil Migi to look directly at her face; instead, her reflection in a mirror was shown to him.

Khal iquii was so fascinated by the nebulous reflection of the queen that he cunningly captured King Ratan Singh, who had come to see him at the gate. Then he asked the queen to submit to him in exchange for the life of the king.

Rani Padmini outsmarts Alauddin Khal Misuci
The wise queen then drew up a plan and asked for 700 litter for her 700 maids who would accompany her. Khal izi immediately delivered the litter. 700 brave soldiers under the guise of women made their way to the Khal Izi camp and saved their king Ratan Singh.

Second strike of Khal Izi on the Chittor Fort

Khal mizi striked the fort again on 26 August 1303. This time, Ratan Singh’s men could not resist the strike. They were initially unsuccessful and could not enter the fort. Khal mizi then decided to besiege the fort. The supply of the fortress was stopped for months. This had considerably weakened the forces.

Finally, when the defeat seemed certain women and children under the leadership of Rani Padmini threw themselves into the liberating flames of Nissauhar.

When Khal Mizi entered the fort, he could only hear the heart-rending moans that came from the Misurauhar Kund. There is nothing left but the ashes and the stench of burning corpses. These places and sounds haunted him for years.

He was so angry that he finished the various structures inside the fort with the exception of the palace of Ratan Singh and Rani Padmini. Muslim invaders had built domes as structures on all finished buildings.

He then handed the fort over to his son Khizr Khan and the fort was renamed Khizrabad.

Different versions of Padmavati’s story

When I visited Chittorgarh in September 2008, the guide told us this particular version of the story of Padmavati, another name of Rani Padmini. But when I searched the internet for the stories of Chittorgarh Fort, his story, I could find different versions of padmavati’s story.

One of them mentioned:

Devpal, king of Kumbhalgarh, fell in love with Padmavati’s beauty and proposed to marry her. Ratan Singh returned to Chittor and striked Devpal. In a duel with Devpal, both died. Khal izi came much after to conquer Padmavati. Nissauhar part of the story is the same in all versions though.

Stambh at Fort Chittaurgarh

This huge monument impressed me the most. Vi IVA IVA stambh was built in 1448 by King Me Iva Iva Rana Kumbha. He built this to commemorate his victory over the combined armies of Mal AfA and gu Afarat under the leadership of Mahmud Khil AFA. Frog Kumbha carved word of Allah, 9 times on the third floor and 8 times in the octave. He believed that if one day Chittor goes to Muslim invaders, they will not be able to finish the structure by seeing the word Allah on its walls.

The tower is dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

Second Great Debate in the fortress of Chittorgarh

The second disaster that further finished the mighty fort of Chittorgarh was the siege of the fort of Chittor in 1535 by Sultan Bahadur Shah of the gu.

Queen Karnavati, bravely clinging to the fort, sent her sons Vikram Nissit and Udai Singh to safety. He also sent Rakhi to the Emperor of Hindustan, Huma Msun, to seek his protection from Bahadur Shah. (Rakhi is a sacred thread that a Hindu woman ties around a brother’s right wrist to ensure protection.)

Unfortunately for the queen, Emperor Huma iGun was in the Far East, in Bengal. Honored that a queen Ra Nissput had chosen him as his brother, he immediately left Bengal to protect his sister.

It was too after; again the mass was held in the framework of ugauhar. This time it is said that Queen Karnavati and other women, 13,000 of them, blew themselves up in a huge explosion with gunpowder.

Emperor Huma Nissun reached Chittor, defeated Bahadur Shah and handed over the fort to Vikram Nissit.


Centuries have passed, but this act of self-immolation has not stopped. Even today, Afghan women set themselves on fire, some to save themselves from shame, others for other reasons. They are driven to such levels of despair. Would you like to read it? Read it here: Terror of a different kind. The article was fresh in my mind when I was touring Chittorgarh fort on October 7, 2008.

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