Interesting fact about Merlion Statue Souvenir

Merlion Statue Souvenir

Ask anyone who has traveled to Singapore – What is the most popular Souvenir in Singapore-101 out of 100 will say a statue of Merlion. A miniature Merlion souvenir is truly unique Singapore, which takes you back to Merlion Park. The statue of Merlion sprays water from its mouth and is 8.6 m high and weighs 70 tons. Souvenirs come in different sizes to fit different budgets and spaces in your backpacks.

Many have come forward to say they wish they could bring some orchids. So I was looking for a piece that represented these two popular aspects of Singapore. The various statues you will find in Singapore souvenir shops are: soap sculpture, glass statues, antique finish metal statues, toothpick holders, mugs, T-shirts, candles, fridge magnets, Cocktail Fork holders, snow globes, 3D laser Crystal models, glass desk decorations, key chains, Crystal paper weights and more.

I chose a toothpick holder with an orchid flower engraved on it. So I have a one – two in one symbol for Singapore. How is it?! Learn more about this mythical creature, its origins, Legend and how it became the symbol of Singapore on my Blog.

Legend of Merlion

The Malay Annals

Sang Nila Utama, the first king of the Malays, King of Suvarnabhumi (Sanskrit name for the Malay Peninsula), son of the Indian king Raia Culan and a fairy princess from the depths of the ocean, reigned in 1299-1347 A.D. he was given the title Tri Buana, which in Sanskrit means the Lord of the three worlds, that of the gods, men and the underworld.

One day, during his visit to the island of Bintan, Sri Tri Buana saw white sandy beaches from a hill and was enchanted by them. According to archaeological reports, the southern coast of Singapore at the beginning of the 14th century had a dazzling white sand beach. TriBuana was told that it was Temasek, as it was then called Singapore.

Curiosity took him to the coast of Temasuk, where he saw the legendary beast. He had a red body, a black head, looked strong and slightly larger than a goat. The animal moved with great speed and disappeared from your eyes in no time. A wise adviser said that in ancient times the Lions looked like this.

Raymond’s flower mentions in his book Raffles The History of Singapore“ ” impressed, Sri Tri Buana decided that if the island could breed such animals, it would be a good place to settle.”

The king then renamed the island Singapura (Singa meaning lion and Pura meaning City in Malay language), brought his own support system of people and animals, colonized the island and ruled it for 48 years until his pass away.

Origin of Merlion-interesting facts

Merlion is a mythical creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish. Its body symbolizes Singapore’s humble beginnings as a fishing village when it was called Temasek (meaning “lake” in Malay and “fish city” in Javanese).

Its head represents the original name of Singapore Singapura or Lion City in Malay. For this reason, small children, fascinated by this mythical creature, call Singapore Merlion country. Two other nicknames of Singapore are: the small red dot-refers to its size in the world map and the city in the garden.

Today Merlion is the national symbol of the city-state of Singapore. There was not a lion on this island, let alone a Merlion, so the name is really fascinating and enigmatic.

This Singapore symbol was designed for the Singapore Tourism Board in 1964 and functioned as a Logo from 1964 to 1997.

Iconic statues attract admirers of all ages. You can see tourists posing with the statue, trying to swallow the water flowing from the mouth of Merlion. The statue faces east; according to the Masters of Feng Shui, this is designed to preserve happiness. Spitting water means spitting endless money into the deep ocean of money-the Singapore River.

Fraser-Bruner created the Merlion symbol, which was registered in July 1966 to combine the origin of the country’s Maritime City and its nickname “Lion City”.

Merlion Architectural Details

The construction of Merlion lasted from November 1971 to August 1972. it was made by the after Singaporean sculptor Lim Nang Seng and his 8 children. The sculpture is 8.6 m high and weighs 70 tons. Near the original statue is a Merlion cub, only 2 meters high.

Merlion Park is within walking distance of Raffles Place MRT station. The park can be visited for free at any time of the day, but most tourists recommend visiting it at night. I missed the night view of this magnificent structure.

7 Merlions Of Singapore

On the island of Singapore there is not one, but seven huge statues of Merlion. Sentosa Island has its own Merlion, and then there are two in Merlion Park. Two are located at the top of Mount Faber and the headquarters of the STB near Grange Road. Both are 3m high. the remaining two Merlions are a couple in the heart, in Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1.they were built in 1998 for by the committee of the inhabitants of Ang Mo Kio.

Highest Merlion

the 37 m high Sentosa Merlion, the tallest in Singapore, was designed by the Australian sculptor Giacomo Martin. It was built in 1995 for million! Inside there are exhibits such as a three-dimensional animated story about how Sang Nila Utama discovered Singapore.

Japanese Merlion

Did you know that even in Japan there is a statue of Merlion that symbolizes the friendship between the two countries? Japan has replicated the mythical creature in the third largest city of Hakodate Hokkaido and Singapore. The height is 8.6 m, just like the original statue in Merlion Park Singapore.

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