Climbing Tips of Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia

Mount Kinablu, known locally as the roof of Borneo, rises majestically at a height of 4095 m above sea level. It is believed that it grows gradually at a rate of 5 mm per year.

A long winding path, away from the moderately crowded city of Kota Kinabalu, took us to the foot of Mount Kinabalu. The locals were charming, friendly and eager to have a conversation. Around the Mountain View there was a relaxing green. There were Resorts to spend a night or two at, but we had other plans.

We stayed at the Hotel and visited the base of Mount Kinabalu for only a few hours, but it was hard not to fall in love with the place. The weather was perfect, but the sky was overflow with white clouds that obscured the view of the top of the mountain.

A botanical survey states that there are more than 5,000 species of plants in the tropical rainforest of Mount Kinabalu. This is more than all of Europe and North America (except for the tropical regions of Mexico) combined! after, we went to the Botanical Garden of Kinabalu to see the collection of these awesome varieties of plants.

One of the interesting things to do on Mount Kinabalu is to soak in the Hot Springs. Ranau is a great place to experience natural hot springs. You can take a dip in the large thermal pools or opt for individual open pools. Check out this hot spring – Sungai Moroli Fish Spa

In India, I came across a natural hot spring in Bakresh, Bakresh, Shakti Peetha

Facts about Mount Kinabalu

35 million years ago, Borneo sank into the sea. Over a period of several centuries, marine sediments have accumulated where Mount Kinabalu is now located. Under the influence of strong forces of pressure and temperature, these sediments turned sea mud into layers of Rocky sandstone and shale. These were raised to form a series of mountains. Now it is called the Crocker Range, which runs through East Malaysia. The process of elevation still consists in increasing the height by half a centimeter every year.

With a height of 4095m Mt. Kinabalu is the 20th most important in the world in terms of topographic prominence! This site also has the honor of being Malaysia’s first Unesco World Heritage Site! The mountain is home to several carnivorous plants and beautiful orchids.

Legend around Mount Kinabalu

A legend around his name is interesting.

The mountain is named after a woman named Kinabalu who died atop that mountain while yearning for her husband. Her husband from China had promised to take her and her children to his home in China. Unfortunately, he was unable to fulfill his promise due to parental pressure.

The woman climbed the mountain overlooking the South China Sea every day to search for her husband’s ship. The people of her native city, touched by this devotion to her husband, named the mountain after her.

Mount Kinabalu is a symbol of eternal love and loyalty, which should be taken as a good example by women!

Another explanation for the name Kinabalu is: the name comes from the name Aki Nabalu. This means the “revered place of the dead”.”Aki means” ancestor ” or “grandfather” and Nabalu is a name for the mountain in the Dusun language.

There are many climbing packages on Mount Kinabalu that offer a wonderful tropical adventure for those who dare. Guides are good, they say. Many of them have the experience of climbing the mountain several hundred times. You will receive the support of an English speaking guide if you ask.

List of mountaineering equipment for Mt. Ascent Of Kinabalu

Plan a hike on the mountain. Kinabalu? Equip yourself with this mountaineering equipment:

  • full map
  • a torch, a whistle
  • Lightweight bivouac bag
  • appropriate clothing (thermal, fleece, raincoat, appropriate footwear)
  • high energy food supply

I didn’t take advantage of any of these. But there, standing and watching how the clouds of clouds enveloped the mountain, I Dreamed with longing. I was hoping to return one day to attempt a climb up this mountain.

Did you know that it takes 2 days to get off the mountain and back. Kinabalu? On the first day, climbers travel 6 km to ‘Laban Rata’. It takes almost 5-6 hours. The next day, early in the morning, you will climb to the top to be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the Sunrise. Mount Kinabalu is said to have the most epic views of Dawn. The return journey can take from 6 to 9 hours.

Accommodaties in Kinabalu

  • Spring Garden-located in Kampung Kundasang, 24 km from Ranau.
  • 90246 Suang Noh home soggiorno Kundasang is a 2-star property located in Kundasang. Free wireless Internet throughout the property.
  • Mesilau Mountain Retreats-located in Kundasang in the Sabah region, the Hotel offers free private parking.
  • Rasa Ria Resort in Shangrilas-our media team stayed at this Hotel. The location is 79.4 km west of Mt Kinabalu.
  • Sad update: majestic Mount Kinabalu was rocked on the morning of June 5, 2015 by a magnitude 6.0 earthquake on the Richter scale that finished 18 people. I visited in March 2015.


Are you inspired enough by these facts about Mount Kinabalu? Let me know in the comment box how your experiences were when you were on Mount Kinabalu in Borneo. If fate allows, I plan to return and try to climb Mount Kinabalu. I am grateful to Tourism Malaysia for this first opportunity to visit this picturesque place in the Borneo rainforest.

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