Attire to Wear in Cruise Ship for Ladies

Are you planning a cruise? Don’t know what to wear on a cruise ship?

The Empress of Cordelia Cruise is currently making cruises along the Indian coast. It is the ideal opportunity for a holiday on board the luxury ship that once belonged to the Ro fleet of the Caribbean. Check out blogs about my experience with Cordelia Cruise and important tips to enjoy your first cruise. If you have decided to go on a cruise tour and this is your first cruise trip, plan your clothes for the cruise to make unforgettable moments on board.

Here is a blog post with posts from popular Instagrammers and bloggers who collaborated on cruise clothing for ladies.

I usually do not arrange outfits for a trip . Usually I just pack according to the destination or travel and time . But for a cruise I felt that I would change my wardrobe a little . I decided to pack cotton dresses and floo shirt as well as floo silk caftans. Blue and green were my favorite colors on the subject of oceans. For the evenings I had another formal dress I chose most of them to be casual and classy. They give a feeling of the beach, but it also suits a premium luxury cruise ship.

We are not fashionistas and we are essentially travelers and sometimes get initimidating to plan dresses. For me, fashion is more comfort, and traveling does not mean dressing for parties or events . The clothes must be branded to me, as they must speak my language as a traveler, and must be comfortable and practical, and yet noble.

Some tips on what to wear on a cruise ship

  • Pack clothes that resonate with you and your personality so that you are comfortable and safe
  • Pack fabrics that are float and which breathe easy
  • Choose colors that are not too exaggerated, but can merge with the oceans
  • Adding accessories that highlight the look
  • And don’t just dress for roles and videos
  • Choose styles, suits and colors that work for you – be it ethnic or western and not just follow a trend

Be confident and flaunt yourself and don’t worry about what the world is thinking. Be yourself.

When it comes to cruises, the question arises of what to wear, since you would only be at sea with water for 4-5 days. And a cruise with Ca sino, a mini-theater, a ballroom, a game department, high-end restaurants with eye-catching interiors, the clothes you wear must match the atmosphere of a 5-star Cordelia cruise.

We mixed party clothes with a few summer prints and colors added to our wardrobe for our cruise vacation. While watching the shows of Broada Mifa at the mini-theater and Cas Ino, we decided on a velvety cocktail dress that will add a little glamor and a sparkling look.

Around noon, it was a great time to click the pictures on the cruise and on the upper deck, where I chose bright summer colors with V-neck and a retouch of ruffles give a basic summer holiday look to wear, make sure you pick up some bright colors like yellow, pink, sky blue and beige. Also adding a hat in your collection is a icing on the cake, where you can print your name with embroidery.

For evening live shows and shows Sundo nissner cruise an off-shoulder dress or a party wear t-shirt with patterned shorts will make the look glam, you can choose a combination of black and white, white and yellow or mix and match light colors with dark shades.

If you have a layover in Lakshad you can wear short dresses with your cruise, I opted for a bright pink short dress with vintage print balloon sleeves and comfortable shoes.

Avoid dull colors, make sure your dress matches the crystal clear water of Lakshad Mizeep, and get the best memorable photos.

Are you all ready to board a luxury cruise but still figuring out what to pack to carry on a cruise? Don’t worry. I’ve done everything for you.

  1. Smart casuals – the key is to wear something that you are comfortable in. I love to wear summer dresses and But with dresses. A small splash of color for bright colorful pictures.
  2. Formal dinners-pull out your party clothes or a jumpsuit. I like to add a bit of bling and I’m good to go! Heels and accessories instantly embellish a dress.
  3. Swimsuits-I love days at the pool, swimming or just sunbathing with a drink in hand. A beautiful floral or bikini swimsuit and a cover-up. I never forget sunscreen, hat and sunglasses.
  4. Hiking-The day of the hike would include a lot of walks, I prefer to get dressed depending on the place and temperature. A summer dress, shorts, linen pants, and a tank top would be my choice. A pair of comfortable shoes to explore
  5. Active mizear – a pair of Active mizear for gym, zumba, and adventure activities like rock climbing.

Have fun surfing!

The cruise experience is completely different from other travel experiences, given the time you spend on the cruise. With many activities and events, the cruise is always full of excitement, enthusiasm and energy. It is important to dress appropriately and at the same time maintain the fashion for cruises, so as not only to be part of any event, but also to make a perfect impression and feel good.

Some important outfits that need to be a part of your packing list for a cruise are –

  1. Few casual clothes that you can wear during the day. You can include comfortable shift dresses, overalls, t-shirts and shorts, hi-vita palaces, not forget to combine them with a fashionable hat and sunglasses.
  2. For evening events such as theater or musical performance, include full-length dresses or floo dresses.
  3. For cocktail dinner parties, try noble party dresses paired with elegant jewelry.
  4. In addition, do not forget to bring your swimsuit, sarong, activewear (if you plan to visit the gym) and a shrug or jacket (it can get cold in the ship).


It’s good that Cordelia Cruises does not have a strict dress code on board. Bring your comfortable clothes to the dining areas, for evenings with music and dancing, swimsuits for the pool, good walking shoes and sportswear in matter you want to work out.

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